lindsay dill: Blog en-us (C) lindsay dill. 2017. all rights reserved. (lindsay dill) Sun, 23 Apr 2017 19:11:00 GMT Sun, 23 Apr 2017 19:11:00 GMT lindsay dill: Blog 93 120 2017 Steel City Code Fest Steel City Code Fest, part off Inclusive Innovation Week, is an amazing opportunity for local nonprofits to have their challenges met with creative solutions; and it's a great opportunity for coders to apply their skills to regional issues.

I had the pleasure of photographing both the kick off and the wrap up events- seeing the projects from concept to product was incredible to me. I have zero coding skills, and the groups produced amazing problem-solving products in such little time that will have a great impact in our region. The following photos are a snapshot from both of those events.

Here's a NEXT Pittsburgh article about Inclusive Innovation Week. 





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2017 Yoga Expo This is the third year I've had the pleasure of photographing Pittsburgh's Yoga Expo. The event, organized by Rebecca Rankin of I Am Yoga, is a unique opportunity to try various forms of yoga from around the city, and to expand your practice. Learn more on the Expo's website.

Below are some of my favorite images from 2017, view the Full Gallery Here. To view the 2016 Expo gallery, visit this link, and to view the 2015 Expo gallery, visit this link. 

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2016 Pittsburgh Food Day Pittsburgh's first Food Day was fun, genuine, and important. Food is important for all, and everyone knows that; yet, food access is still something we struggle with everywhere. Pittsburgh Food Day was an event held to address that with food, awareness, and music from students who themselves experience the issue of Food Deserts. 

Read more about Pittsburgh Food Day, and the activists/artists/supporters that attended at the below links.

Here is the Facebook page for Pittsburgh Food Day, hosted by the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council.

Here is a Post Gazette article from the day.



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2016 Yoga Expo This is the second year I've had the pleasure of photographing Pittsburgh's Yoga Expo; the event is organized by Rebecca Rankin of I Am Yoga, formerly known as Bikram Yoga Squirrel Hill.

The expo is a neat opportunity to try various forms of Yoga to expand your practice. The 2016 Expo featured yoga from the following studios: BYS Yoga, Bend Yoga, Sterling Yoga, The Shala of Pittsburgh Ashtanga, Crown of Eternity, I Am Yoga, Yoga Hive, Schoolhouse Yoga, and South Hills Power Yoga.  Learn more on the Expo's website.


Below are some of my favorite images from 2016. To see my gallery of photos from the 2015 Expo, visit this link.


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Oregon Coast To purchase images, visit this gallery.



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City of Play's City Spree Overtaken by a magical fairyland feel, 2015 City Spree-ers took to the streets of Pittsburgh along with thousands of other locals during OpenStreets 2015. For the third annual Race with No Course, participants ran alongside bikes, strollers, skateboard, rollerblades, amblers, ramblers -- everything except for cars. 

In its past two years, City Spree has featured "off-the-beaten-running-path" neighborhoods. This year, City of Play partnered with OpenStreets to add a care-free element to the pedestrian life feel to the course-free race.

The following are my featured photos from this year's City Spree. A full gallery of images can be found HERE!




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East Coast Bike Tour, 2013 One year ago, co-pilot Tine! Rigby and I began a bike trip from D.C. to St. Augustine, Florida. Looking at a map, this trip was a tour of bike shops, local beers, water sources, couches, trees, and gas stations. Much more than that, though, it was a tour of human nature and the relativity of world view and kindness.

Along the way, we met so many wonderful people who opened their hearts, homes, and arms to us. We also met those who only seemed interested in warning us about all of the terrible people in this world, as "There are so many creeps out there." Needless (I hope) to say, it was refreshing to meet the encouragement and excitement of the optimists, and draining to be met by the useless tidbits of doom of the pessimists.

The naysayers and yaysayers opened my mind, if only for a brief enough moment, to realize that I could become either of these characters. I think the yaysayers saw two young souls opening themselves to other people bound to learn and grow in this boundless universe, while the naysayers saw two naive fools bound to be taken advantage of in this cruel world. It certainly needs to be said that either outcome is possible; there are some who face the latter unfortunate experience on such trips, and for those I feel wholly terrible.

Luckily for us, opening our minds like optimistic fools elicited welcoming, curious, and encouraging responses; it is those experiences that I will allow to shape my view on how to approach this world. So there it is: if nothing else was gained from this trip, I can say that I was inspired by the yaysayers to say yay to all things mind-opening, perspective-shifting, and funky in this universe.

My choice photographs are below, and you can find a full gallery of trip images here.



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Best Games Fest I've been photographing City of Play, formerly Obscure Games, for more than three years now. It's been nothing short of ridiculous and exciting.

Placemaking is something that I think is essential to every community, and City of Play does it really well. It creates an environment that gives attendees and passersby the agency to be completely foolish-- to play.

I give you: 2014's Best Games Fest by City of Play. Click the photo to find the full gallery of images.



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