lindsay dill | A Two-Wheeled Venture from DC to Florida

A Two-Wheeled Venture from DC to Florida

October to November 2013

Co-Pilot Christine! and I began a three-week chilly venture from DC to Florida on October 26. CP Christine! set out on a borrowed bike that started with two flat tires, a bad seat, and incorrect pedals; and I set out on a 1970-sumthin' frankenbike hand-me-downed from my mother and built up by myself and a rag tag band of highly skilled duct-tapers in the glorious city of PIttsburgh. The first week was riddled with achy-butt-stops, seat adjustments, and pains in the ass. CP Christine! never fully adjusted to her borrowed wheels, and I cycled through three seats before finding that my butt was comfortable and my steed too large. In closing, as many trips expose, the generosity, curiosity, and bad-assery of all humans made the trip an incredible journey through the human spirit. These photos, taken with a DSLR and a very cracked smart phone, detail some highlights from the trip.